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We asked mums and daughters: “What did you like about STEAM ahead event you attended?”

“As a mother, it made me have more self aware of the prejudices I have towards females in sciences and how unhelpful these are for my daughter.”

“The role models were exceptional and my 11 year old was totally engaged. changed her perceptions completely and inspired her!”

“I enjoyed the amazing guest speakers who were educated about technology and knew how to engage their target audience. The career fair was a great way to show us the opportunities that are available for girls wanting to venture into technology.”

“As a mum, I have enjoyed listening to the speakers, and the opportunity to have mother /daughter time. It was encouraging to see the amount of people who turned up for the event.”

“It was great to have passionate speakers who enthused the crowd about science and technology. It was a great idea to have kids and their mums along.”

“It was really funny and interesting and you couldn’t get bored and it was teaching you things in a fun way which is a good way to teach”

“Great turn-out, Dr Michelle Dickinson as key-note, great catering, engaged/interested delegates. Overall great event thank-you.”

“My daughter liked the experiments, liked hearing the speakers, it was funny, interactive. She felt caught up with the atmosphere and excitement of the speakers, enjoyed the speakers, hearing about them, also like that it was geared for a wider audience, not just for older girls.”

“It was very informative and inspirational!”

“I liked the free stuff and the inspiring speakers and the cool practical experiments ! Also meeting other people interested in science and learning about possible pathways for the future because I was so stuck before”

“The presenters, they were so engaging and fun-loving. Also the food was primo.”

“It was pitched at the girls level. The speakers were inspiring.”

“Excellent presentation for the girls – how important is to follow own dreams. Interesting lecturers who were able to highlight how important it is to find or create own space for the work that makes person happy.”

“The time frame worked well. It was interesting and high impact. Was well supported after, with industry and pathway representatives.”

“As a parent it was great to have an event that had young women, telling their pathway stories, who were not much older than the girls present. For my daughter, (17 yrs old) at least, it demonstrated well that many industries, that she could relate to, require IT experts. I think that it’s important to show students of any age where they can apply their academic interests. The unexpected bonus of having the Google lady was great – like the icing on the cake of the whole evening.”

“My girls gave it rave reviews and even the “I don’t like computersdaughter came home saying she wants to work in technology.”

“It was eye-opening and informative. Plus so encouraging!”

“Interesting speakers. Friendly staff. Well organised”