STEAM-ahead @ Serato

Our first STEAM-ahead event was hosted by Serato, the company that makes world renown musical technology. On December 1st 2014, 20 girls & 20 mums (& alike) joined us in the evening to learn about careers in technology. Bridget Beh from Serato, Imee Tribo from AirNZ, Amanda Jordan from Google spoke about how they got into technology and why they love what they do.

Check out the photos from the event, and if your company is interested in hosting a similar event, just contact us.

Our speakers:


Bridget Beh

Software Engineer, Serato

Bridget develops software for the latest touch devices so that people can carry out their lives and jobs more efficiently and enjoyably. She has experience creating apps for a range of users, from toddlers to DJs.



Imee Tribo

Senior Business Systems Analyst, Air New Zealand

Part pixie dust and part gunpowder, Imee’s expertise is in defining the details that make the web easier to use, especially on a smaller scale as more and more people access the internet from mobile devices. She is a tech and pop culture loving, food obsessed, Ultimate Frisbee-playing travel junkie.


This event would not have been possible without these companies and organisations that support this cause:

futureintech serato

google  themindlab    Entopix